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Spring Journey to the Spruce Peak Resort Lodge

Any time of year you’re fortunate enough to set aside time to explore Stowe, Vermont, and book a stay at The Lodge at Spruce Peak Resort through Stowe Mountain Rentals is an opportunity worth looking forward to. That said, a spring journey in this direction can be particularly refreshing and fun as the landscape comes into bloom, temperatures are on the rise, and the opportunities to pair indoor and outdoor fun abound. If you have five days to spare in the name of vacation, the following spring itinerary is a great place to start when you’re excited to make the most of every single moment.

Day 1

The first day of your stay this spring should be all about getting acquainted with the landscapes and enjoying the view in a truly unique way. That’s where booking a private horseback riding tour with the team at LaJoie Stables comes in. Horseback riding is a fun way to connect with nature and amazing creatures alike in good company. It’s also a chance to savor the sight of Vermont’s terrain adorned with forests, mountains, and fields in abundance. At LaJoie Stables, you can book a relaxing trail ride alongside a local guide that takes off after you’ve covered the basics of riding and are geared up for the adventure ahead. Trails run through Blue Spruce groves and open pastures as well, but it might just be the views of Mount Mansfield that have you book a second tour before you know it. This is a family-owned stable manned by a team of passionate employees excited to share their love of riding, Vermont, and horses with everyone who books a tour.

Day 2

Travelers heading to this part of Vermont in the spring will find it’s an ideal time of year to enjoy a fishing-focused journey at their own preferred pace. In total, the state is home to more than 90 fish species and there’s a good chance that when you cast a line near Stowe, you’ll reel in everything from trout to walleye. If you’re new to fishing but excited to learn more, the second day of your stay is a chance to reserve your place on a private fly fishing tour. Spruce Peak Outfitters is a great place to get this organized as they host a team of experts on-site as well as everything you’ll need to make the most of the fun. The Fly Rod Shop in town also offers fly fishing and spin fishing classes as well as guided tour options in the area. It’s a perfect place to stock up on gear and accessories if you’re an experienced angler looking to head out solo.

Day 3

The trails that wind their way through the Stowe, Vermont area and around the Lodge at Spruce Peak Resort are known for their scenic beauty. That said, if you happen to be a hiking enthusiast looking to pair a trek with terrific views, Stowe, Vermont spring is a great time to get out and explore when the seasonal flowers are beginning to bloom, and wildlife is waking up as well. Spruce Peak Outfitters offers private hikes for solo travelers or groups upon request that are tailored to meet your needs and skill level. Along the way, you’ll stop at great overlooks and learn more about local animals and history that bring the region to life in a more personalized way. Whether you head out with a guide or trek on your own, don’t forget your camera in your vacation rental as a spring hike promises to be photo-worthy.

Day 4

When it’s time to settle in and savor the moment, day four of your spring journey to the Spruce Peak Lodge invites you to enjoy a tasting tour. Vermont is known and loved for its innovative take on the brewing process and currently, the state hosts over 50 breweries to its name. A variety of those are found right in Stowe which means you won’t have to go far to find a cozy place to sip an afternoon away with friends and take a tour as well. If you’re hoping for a more comprehensive look at the brew scene in town this spring, be sure to check in with the team at Savor Vermont Tours. This company creates custom brewery tours for guests that showcase some of the region’s very best spirits, hard ciders, and beers without having to worry about getting behind the wheel at all.

Day 5

Stowe, Vermont spring is a season for seeing great shows and when your travel plans bring you this way, don’t miss out on a chance to book tickets for a performance at the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center. Located at 122 Hourglass Drive, this performing arts center hosts concerts, Broadway shows, dance troupes, and plays in a modern and spacious setting. The performing arts center also hosts film screenings and workshops throughout the year so if you find yourself in Stowe on a rainy spring day, this might be the perfect place to land.

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