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Stowe Bowl

Located adjacent to the Sun and Ski Inn and Suites on the Mountain Road, this 8-lane treasure is not what you expect! This state-of-the-art venue is much more than a plain old bowling alley – it’s more swanky, cozy, comfortable, loungy, and even elegant. With great food, a full bar serving anything from Shirley Temples to White Russians, a lounge atmosphere, and a high-tech audio-visual experience.

Swimming Hole

This place is often the antidote for kids and bad weather, no matter the time of year. The barn-like structure, located just off of the Mountain Road, houses an impressive twenty-five meter lap pool, with a designated area for open swimming and elevated diving board. Plus, a separate children’s play area with a large water slide, shallow pools, and a water toy area is perfect for infants and bigger kids. And, besides the water features, there’s also a large, state-of-the-art gym and fitness classes.

Vermont Ski & Snowboard Museum

With collections covering seven different areas of ski history, the Vermont Ski Museum has artifacts about the sport in general, its role in Vermont, and even the development of ski equipment. The museum also has a permanent Hall of Fame exhibit to honor athletes, pioneers, and contributors.

Stowe Theatre Guild

Featuring volunteer actors and staff, Stowe Theatre Guild offers visitors a community theater that has showings for musicals and plays. The theater is located in a historic building with Greek Revival architecture.

Ride indoor cycling classes

A local favorite Jo Anna’s classes are not to be missed! a state of the art indoor cycling studio that also offers bootcamp, TRX HIIT, Barre, and Core classes.
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